June 2018

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More couples than ever trying to conceive experience fertility issues, but many still aren’t aware that some traditional personal lubricants can damage and slow sperm. That’s why the fertility experts at Babystart® have created a new fertility-friendly lubricating gel for all couples trying to conceive which has been clinically tested to show it does not harm sperm and also helps to increase comfort during intercourse.

Clinically tested by a leading UK andrology clinic within the NHS, FertilSafe PLUS® from Babystart®, is a fertility-friendly lubricating gel that has been formulated to mimic the action of natural lubrication fluids in the human body, through which sperm travel to fertilise an egg. FertilSafe PLUS® does this by providing the exact pH and consistency for natural fertilisation, maintaining natural sperm safety, motility and viability.

Dr Mathew Tomlinson, Consultant Reproductive Scientist and Honorary Assistant Professor in Reproduction at Nottingham University said:

“We analysed the performance of human sperm in FertilSafe PLUS® using state of the art semen analysis equipment in our laboratory and even when incubating sperm in very high concentrations of FertilSafe PLUS® it showed no evidence of acute toxicity or any acute negative effect on cell viability”.

A spokesperson for Babystart® said:

‘At Babystart®, we’ve invested significant time and money into our fertility lubricant to ensure that it is fertility-friendly so these results are exactly what we hoped for. We have ensured our lubricating gel doesn’t have any damaging effects and have created a fertility-friendly lubricating gel that is safe for all couples trying to conceive while also providing a number of pack formats to give the consumer greater choice.’

Babystart® is now looking to partner with retailers and outlets looking to stock this new fertility-friendly lubricating gel. It’s envisaged that FertilSafe PLUS® will be in high demand by customers, so this represents an excellent opportunity for sales outlets to benefit from a new sales stream.

FertilSafe PLUS® comes in three different formats (all of which are Paraben and glycol-free) that should meet the needs of every couple: a single 75ml tube; a multi-pack containing a 75ml tube plus two reusable applicators and two pre-filled single use 5ml applicators and a pack containing three or eight pre-filled single use 5ml applicators.

Babystart® is already known throughout the world for exceptional customer service and fast, reliable delivery. A full range of marketing materials are available, as well as bespoke packaging for those who wish to sell Babystart® products under their own branding.

To order FertilSafe PLUS® sperm-friendly personal lubricant, or for more information, visit babystart.co.uk, or call the sales team on +44 (0) 115 956 9436. Alternatively, email info@babystart.co.uk

About Babystart®
Based in the UK, Babystart® is one of the world’s leading providers of fertility in-vitro diagnostic products and fertility supplements for men and women. All our personal lubricant products are made from the highest quality materials and undergo clinical testing before going to market.

Babystart is one of the world's leading providers of fertility In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) products and fertility food supplements for men and women.

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